About Us

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Who We Are

Arthava Wealth is founded by the Meghna & Devang Visaria. Devang is a Management Post Graduate with specialization in Finance from SIMSR, Mumbai. Meghna Visaria is a Graduate in Commerce. Devang is a practicing Technical Analyst with an experience of more than 18 years. He specializes in predicting Market Trends across various time frames. Meghna is a self learner in the field of Technical Analysis. www.devangvisaria.com, our portal for the Trading Research Services has generated strong goodwill amongst market participants.

Atharva Wealth was founded in 2012 with an aim to generate long term Growth, Sustenance and Security for our client’s wealth. Meghna has over the years developed a thorough understanding of offering the right Basket of products to clients, keeping in mind their longer term objectives. Our teams ability to predict Longer term Market trends, Sectoral Trends, our informed perspective on taxation policies related to the sphere of Investments as well as Business differentiates our offerings from the competition. Example our ability to predict Longer Term Trends helps us to take a call on switching or altering the Equity allocation of Client portfolios to Debt and vice versa. We also don’t shy away from taking part in sectoral trends with a medium to longer term view whereas the general norm in the Wealth management industry is to stay away from Sectoral funds for the fear of going wrong and thus losing out on valuable returns for clients. Example our call to enter IT Funds in February to July 2017 and exits from the same in August to October 2018 resulted in clients gaining 40-60% absolute returns in their Investments made in the IT Funds.

Our Partners

PMS Fund houses like, Alchemy, ASK, Invesco, Motilal Oswal, Old Bridge Capital. Renaissance, Reliance Asset Management UNIFI Capital and Tamohara.

Direct Equity we have tieups with Motilal Oswal & Master Capital.

Bajaj Allianz and Future Generali to take care of all your Insurance related needs.

We have a direct Tieup with all the Mutual Funds so that clients have a smoother experience.

Our Ability

Our ability to interpret the Taxation policies helps in taking decisions that generate higher post tax returns for our clients. Example say a client has availability of Funds for three months and wishes to park them in a Liquid Fund , our recommendation would not be a liquid fund as a 6% return on Liquid Funds would mean a post tax return of 4.2% assuming a tax slab of 30%, Instead we will park the funds in an Arbitrage Fund which will generate a return of 6% but a higher post tax return of 5.1% as the tax slab in this case is 15%. This results in a higher return of 21% vis a vis the normally preferred product of Liquid Funds.

Our ability to pitch the Right product at the right time helps clients achieve their objectives ahead of their target timeframes. Our products across the spectrum be it Equity, Debt, Private Equity, Real Estate, Insurance and Direct Equities are tuned to the clients inherent Risk taking capacities and investment objectives. We can proudly claim that all our activities are driven by our three objectives of Growth, Sustenance & Security. Our Estate Planning services are well appreciated by our clients as Estate planning is one of the key aspects which is generally missing amongst a majority of Indian Households.